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Apr 26, 2016
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Gary & Mary Wedding 2016-24

Cafe Lafayette | Exeter, California

Once a upon a time, there were two 17 year old, high school sweethearts, who fell in love.  Soon they were engaged to be married, but as fate would have it, these high school sweethearts ended up marrying other people. They both lived happy, full lives. Both had beautiful children, and grandchildren even!


Jan 28, 2016
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Bill & Leslie-5804_WEB

Love found at Starbucks | Hanford, California

I LOVE how many LT Brides couples have a story involving Starbucks! I bet Starbucks never had a clue that they would be involved in so many love stories.  These to sweet people met unexpectedly in their local Starbucks. William, plain black coffee, got a kick out of Leslie’s much more complicated order and had to met her. Conversations over coffee blossomed over several months into dating. Now five years later we are getting married!!!


Birthday Celebration | Visalia, CA


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