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Lake Tahoe Cabin Family Fun | Lake Tahoe, California

So this post is really late!!! Like 3 months late!! But since I am sitting on many amazing family session, waiting for Christmas cards to go out before I blog their beautiful sessions; I thought I might as well share my own family session!!!

Our whole family had a awesome vacation in Lake Tahoe at the very end of summer. It was a wonderful way to end summer right before the new school year started again. My mom had one request during vacation. She needed an updated family picture. A reasonable request, especially since there have been several new additions to our family since our last family session!  Actually Mom requested this session since last mother’s day… but we had to wait until the newest Parrott addition was born. Then we waited a little longer until we would all be in the same beautiful location at the same time.


May 27, 2016
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Friends Forever | May 2016

Liz Maternity Session 2016-81

Maternity Session | Stockton, CA

Well this is a special session for ME! I am going to be an Aunt again…. but this time to a little girl!!!!! There has been a long streak of beautiful boys in our family. I love each & every one of these TEN monkeys but we ALL are very excited about this little lady’s upcoming birth.  My brother and sister-in-law are obviously the most excited. Aren’t they both just glowing?? Liz is beaming with joy, and David, bursting with pride! <3

Their ‘furry’ baby, aka Merlin, is a wee bit camera shy.  Well, actually A LOT camera shy lol! This big friendly pup is friends with nearly everyone he meets, until there is a camera present. Then this friendly dog becomes a scared-y-cat.  But since he is such a big part of this family he had to be involved. I actually hid back in the trees and tall grass so he would forget I was around, however he still wasn’t fooled.  Very excited to see these three thru this next life adventure!


Nov 17, 2015
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Tavarez & Rodriguez 2015-47-4887

Family Session | Visalia, CA

When Georgian Cousins are actually in California during Fall Season….we go out and take pictures, of course! My kids are typical photographers children by now. They don’t want to listen to me or take me serious BUT when they see me working with other kids they suddenly get a little jealous and a little more corporative.

My adorable niece and nephews were due for some updated school pictures!  And since they homeschool, I get to be the one who takes them! Are they the cuteness?  Luckily they are into Star Wars every bit as much as my kids so they had me take a few pictures with their lightsabers at the end of the session.  Happy to comply! They are only little for so long. Love capturing what these kiddos love to do…make up plays, stories and endless Star Wars!

I even jumped into a few pictures! Not too bad for setting the timer and running into place! lol


Family Walking Trails | Visalia, CA


I am a little late in posting this session but a little late is better than never! Every Father’s Day for the last 8 years, I attempt a small session with my own kids. It’s a perfect time to updated pictures at my husband’s office.  These times are always fun, but honestly a little stressful.

I LOVE my job. I normally can capture other peoples kids easily. Other kids think I am funny and will listen to me! lol I usually arrive at a session relaxed, ready to have some fun with your family! My own kiddos however, give me a bit of a challenge! It probably doesn’t help that with my ‘mom hat’ on, I am already stressed trying to get everyone properly dressed, hair combed and out the door on time.  These little ones don’t see me as a professional but just as their mamma. -OPEN POST-


Maternity Session in Eucalyptus Orchard | Bakersfield, CA

Every so often you meet a friend that becoming more like family. John and Melissa are such friends to the Tavarez Family! John had a hand in setting up my husband, Chris and I back in college, some 15 years ago. He was in our wedding and we, in theirs.  My kids adore both of them. My son makes a habit of dressing like John from time to time. lol Beanie and all, its pretty darn cute!  My daughters look up to Melissa as she is an awesome role model.  Her loving and caring heart translates into every aspect of her life.  These sweet people make special effort to invest into my four crazy kiddos; for that I will always be thankful for. The Tavarez clan is sooo excited to be getting a new “cousin” and a “GIRL COUSIN” at that!!! (we have had quite the string of boys born into our family lately <3 ) Can’t wait to hold this little one and watch her grow and love on her, like her parents have loved on mine. -OPEN POST-

Tavarez Family | Visalia, CA

Meet my family! This is our annual family session where the east coast cousins get to visit California. Our kiddos are close in age and thoroughly love being together.  This year was extra special because we welcomed a new family member into the mix! Sweet Baby is soooo loved! There are NO shortages of volunteers to hold him!!!


Aug 13, 2013
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