Dec 22, 2017
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Hidden Hollow Wedding Venue | Reedley, California | Eddie & Sarah | December 2017

Elegant Fairytale Wedding | Hidden Hollow Reedley, California

“Once in a while in the middle of an ordinary life, a love comes along and brings you a Fairytale.”  This sums up Eddie & Sarah,  elegant Disney themed wedding perfectly!  Far out in a land called Hidden Hollow Venue, in Reedley California, these two had the BEST Day Ever! With a flower crown & veil that Rapunzel would be proud of, Princess Sarahwith an h– (as she is lovingly refered as) married her long waited Captain Solo on a beautiful December afternoon.


Dec 11, 2017
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Christmas Marriott Wedding  | Visalia, California

Christmas time is already a special time of year but add in a sweet couple’s wedding, and suddenly an event became even more magical! Jarred and Rebecca’s Christmas Wedding was filled with joyful excitement that their big day was finally here! The Visalia Marriott at the Convention Center was a lovely host. From the freshly remodeled rooms, to the beautiful Christmas tree in the lobby, to the beautifully decorated reception hall, this venue was the perfect backdrop. Jesse from JJblooms, designed and decorated an elegant Christmas, spotlighting the dance floor with pine branches!


Jun 23, 2017
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Blog header Picture | Mountain side Picture of Bride and Groom. Pictures with rings, white dog ring bearer, and more bride and groom pictures | The White Horse Inn Wedding Photos | Three Rivers, CA | Laura Tavarez | Melissa and Juan

White Horse Inn Wedding | Three Rivers, California

I was so excited for this day! Melissa and Juan are such a sweet couple and we had a blast on their adventurous engagement session!  I knew that their Three Rivers Wedding was going to be fun!

But leading up to their day was all kinds of interesting potential problems. First the weather reports predicted REALLY hot weather, then a possible summer rain storm, then FORREST FIRES entered into Three Rivers. Wedding Day came and it was amazing! No smoke or bad air only beautiful blue skies with puffy white clouds and temps only in the 80’s with snow still on the mountains peaks. That right there is a blessing in June within Central California! God’s sweet blessing on their special day.


Jun 12, 2017
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Adventure Awaits | Visalia, California

Oh these two put together equals one fun and unique wedding that fits their relationship perfectly! Since day one, there has been crazy adventure with lots of traveling. So it was only fitting that their beautiful wedding should reflect this. Loved seeing all the fun details they came up with. For starters invitations that look like passports, fun maps, paper airplanes, the cutest little airplane pilots you ever did see, trollies, buses, a hot air ballon, a whole amazing traveling crew and so much more.

If I had to choose only one word to describe Stephanie & Paul’s special day it would be delightful!


May 24, 2017
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Adventure Awaits | Wind Wolves Preserve, California

Paul and Stephanie’s courtship has been one amazing adventure! Their first date story is straight out of the movies. MANY crazy things went wrong during this first encounter such as Stephanie’s purse getting stolen and then there might have been some dumpster diving trying to find lost keys to Stephanie’s car.  Yeah! Like I said LOTS of crazy things on only their first date. Yet one awesome thing went right…They had a blast together!  -OPEN POST-

Almond Orchard | Visalia, California

I never got to blog this amazing Engagement Session of Joseph and Haleigh so I thought I would back up and do it now!  We didn’t get to do their special engagements until just a few days before their wedding! You see Joseph was in the Marines and wasn’t able to get leave until just days before their wedding. I am so glad we did this!

It makes my day when I hear groom’s say “That was actually fun!” MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! -OPEN POST-

May 02, 2017
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Spring Orchard Wedding | Acampo, California

Josh and Katie’s special day was truly a FUN day! One of my favorite venues ever located in Lodi, California area, gorgeous wedding dress, amazing flowers, wonderful vendors, and a live band that rocked the night away and the people … delightful!!!

Several of the Wedding party and guests came from all over the United States; California, Texas, Wisconsin, and even Florida!!! How special these friendships are for people to come from all over the country to celebrate Josh and Katie.  I enjoyed witnessing these special peoples’ joy and watching them make even more memories together.


Mar 28, 2017
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Koetsier Ranch | Visalia, California

Common saying we hear alot when referring to our spouse is “my other half ” or “my better half”…  This is the best way to describe Rj & Lisa.  Oh my! The glowing smiles that appeared on each of their faces the moment they saw each other was heart warming! The smiles only grew as the day progressed.  And by reception time, the smiles were permanent! What a FUN group of special people.


Mar 16, 2017
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Country Orchard Wedding| Tulare, California

This maybe the first time I have blogged a wedding before blogging their engagement session! Oh but its for a great reason!!! Let me back up and explain.

These two love birds were happily dating knowing that they would some day get married. Then Joseph decided to join the Marines and while in Boot Camp they exchanged handwritten correspondence. During these sweet love letters, they both decided to move their someday plans to right now plans! Why wait when you have found the LOVE of your life?!


Mar 03, 2017
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Winter Valentine Wedding | Stockton, California

Just days after Valentine’s Day these two love birds tied the knot! Their day was special for so many reasons! Arthur was stationed overseas, so it was exciting for Megan to actually see her man in person let alone get married to her best friend!

For weeks the weather forecast called more LOTS of rain during the entire week especially on this weekend a cold winter storm was supposed to hit Northern California.  Well when everyone woke up to cloudy skies but no rain drops, it was like a huge weight had been lifted!! Love the wet weather California is having this year. And it is supposed to be good luck to have rain on your wedding day… However, its harder to get a wonderful portrait time in the rain. So thankful the rain held off until Sunday!!!


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